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At Kiran Graphics, our job is putting ink on paper. The right amount of ink, in the proper colours –  the correct size, weight and texture of paper. We have accomplished a huge variety of printing projects during the last decade.
Printing is a process for reproducing text and image, using a printing press. It is a large-scale industrial process, and is an essential part of publishing and transaction printing.
We have fully integrated plant and printing infrastructure facilities meeting high quality international standards for printing, binding and packaging in India. Our plant has the best machinery of binding, printing and packaging  in New Delhi to attend the services we promise. We have a fine blend of designers and printing-packaging experts to turning dreams into realities.
Beyond good equipment, applying ink to paper to achieve a quality product requires the right kind of people. At Kiran Graphics, we pride ourselves with extensively experienced pressmen who practice their skills as art.Multicolour printing press India




Services Offered by Us

Designing and Pre Press Process

Whether client needs a simple typesetting job or a complicated art layout; we have an experienced, efficient staff to provide them with complete graphic services. We have the answer when you need full colour for your product to be noticed. We make your product virtually jump off the shelf or your service get the attention it deserves.

corrugated box designing DelhiWe offer everything it takes to transform the art in your imagination or electronic disk into a printed piece. Its a procedure that takes place after the initial creation of a print layout, before it is ready for final printing. The procedure followed generally includes manufacturing a print plate, the variation of text and imagery and the creation of a high quality print file.

Specifically, we offer following services:

  • Pre-flighting
    Its a routine check to verify all of a document’s elements and find any potential file problems. During pre-flight, we correct minor file preparation errors, typically at no additional charge. MAC or IBM-compatible disk files are processed from virtually any popular disk type (Zip, Rar, Syquest, CD, etc).
  • Automatic trapping
    This is done with advanced-generation software that automatically handles most traps.
  • Scanning
    From transparencies, prints and negatives – on a high-resolution drum or flat-bed scanner at competitive prices.
  • Automatic imposition of art work
  • Colour match proofing


Die cut stickers

We are Die cut stickers manufacturers in New Delhi for Pharma, Medical and Ayurved companies. Die cut stickers are eye catching as compared to to simple plain stickers. These stickers are usually used to attach the massage, logo, punch line on the shirts and other sports outfits. We offer you die cut stickers in various sizes.
Die cut stickers are being widely used, by several of companies, in order to promote their business identity worldwide.
Kiran Graphics is the best place as it offers its valued customers cheap die cut sticker printing in the sizes like: 3″*5″, 3″*4″, 6″*5″, 10″*3″ and 5″*5″.

We offer custom size die cut sticker printing to our valued customers for pharmaceutical, medical and agro products, agriculture, dairy product companies. By using the latest printing machinery like Heidelberg Offset, Dominent Offset and advanced technologies you will be able to get the premium quality products. In addition, we offer four colour die cut sticker printing in order to fulfil your modern day needs in style. Moreover, we give a unique touch of glossy as well as matte finishing and lamination providing you the unique quality products. For more information about die cut products, please contact our quality, friendly, and helpful sales representatives at Kiran Graphics.

Label Stickers Printing

Label – Stickers

We are Pharmaceutical Labels Specialist. We’d help you to stay ahead of the competition with eye-catching labels that get your product seen. We offer label printing service, custom design, and a wide range of label materials and adhesives to choose from. Perhaps that’s why we are the go-to choice for medical and pharmaceutical companies in need of a high-quality, most competitive priced label printing and sticker design. You can rely on us to print the best labels for your product or service.

We are a full-service Pharmaceutical label printer, based in New Delhi, serving all over India for more than 15 years. Not only do we offer custom design and sophisticated labels, you also have a wide selection of label shapes, sizes, die colours, and materials to define your product’s look. Plus, we are affordable. Let us help you to design and prepare your brands of the products.


With a large number of companies paying close attention to the technical as well as marketing aspects of packaging, the packaging industry has grown manifold. As a sectoral activity, it has been a major cause for boost in consumption.

These days, packaging boxes are widely used by a large number of  companies, so as to enhance and promote their business identity and activity all over the place. We offer safe and secure custom size packaging boxes printing to our valued customers
Though we offer all types of boxes but we specialize in Pharmaceutical, Medical and Ayurvedic Products Packaging Boxes and Corrugated Boxes.
packaging Printing IndiaWe make use of most up-to-date methods in the form of multi colour printing process so that you will be able to get the matchless quality products. In addition, we provide a stunning quality of products by presenting you full colour packaging boxes printing. Besides, we guarantee our valued customers 100 % unique quality products along with discounted packaging boxes printing services worldwide.

Our team constitutes skilled and professional designers who deliver the extra-ordinary and compelling packaging box printing designs. In addition to presenting the masterpiece of packaging boxes, our designers also offer the revisions so that you will be able to fulfil your modern day needs in style! We provide you the best packaging boxes printing which is cost-effective also.

Custom corrugated packing boxes

Corrugated boxes make the first impression of any business, customers always appreciate their shipments arriving in intact condition Packaging box for medicinewith good packaging, so your corrugated mailing boxes should be strong and good enough to lure the attention of customers. You can get them as brown corrugated boxes, white corrugated boxes or have them custom printed, which will work as a moving advertisement for your business. Corrugated mailing boxes come in all shapes and sizes.

We are the manufacturers and distributors of a broad range of corrugated boxes, including corrugated shipping boxes, close out corrugated boxes, custom shipping boxes and plastic corrugated boxes. We always struggle to meet and exceed your expectations; so we are always looking for new and innovative ways to offer an excellent level of service. Whether you need a single corrugated cardboard box or a bulk quantity of corrugated boxes, we can offer you a solution. We pride ourselves on the quality and cost effective products and services we provide.


These are custom shaped, die cut products we are providing at Kiran Graphics.
Virtually every manufactured product is cut out with a die. A die is specifically made for one type of manufacturing job. When a different shaped is needed another die is cast to create that product.

die cut productsKiran Graphics can fabricate a wide range of die cut products for your company’s needs. We are equipped with state of the art die cutting technology to make your products into any shape and size your company needs.
We are leading manufacturer of die cutting presses in the industry.

Thousands of dies are available in standard shapes. Circles, rectangles, slots, rings, ovals, squares, etc. Using a standardized die often minimizes the cost to the client. Kiran Graphics can help you meet your deadlines and in many cases your product can be shipped within days.

die cut boxesKiran Graphics is able to die cut several materials to make the products you need. Polycarbonate products offer superior clarity in various thickness. They are high heat resistant and have dimensional stability for graphic overlays. Polyesters come in a variety of thickness. We offer flexible vinyl perfect for indoor and outdoor use, pressure sensitive adhesives, durable metal photo, aluminium that stands up to the harsh outdoor environment.


Post-press procedures makes the crucial difference as the quality of finishing work has a major impact on the final product’s quality.

We offer following value added services in this category. Complete finishing operations including:

  • UV Coating (Full and Spot)
  • Varnishing
  • Lamination
  • Automatic Die-punching
  • Automated pasting (side, lock-bottom, C/C)
  • Binding
  • Folding
  • Foil Stamping
  • Gathering
  • Stitching
  • Perforation
  • Section sewing
  • Perfect binding
  • Lamination
  • Binding


Kiran Graphics offers a spectrum of custom printed, roll, fanfold, sheet, digital and stock labels. Our commitment is to meet client’s most demanding label printing needs.
Labels get more durable and effective with a laminate. A good laminate can make your label glossy and also provides a protective layer between the ink. At Kiran Graphics, we  generally laminate the labels we print. It costs a little extra and it ensures that light scuffing will not damage the label in any way.
We offer a number of laminates including High Gloss, Matte, Thermal Transfer etc.
The price for these laminates varies accordingly.
Various categories of labels we deal in are Glue-Applied Labels and Foil and Prismatic Labels.


Our Binding unit is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery meant to collating, folding, stitching, perforating, trimming, Foil Stamping  and packaging each job in accordance with specifications. Binding equipments are operated by our efficient, experienced and skilled staff. Printing process gets its final finish and forwarded to our binding unit.


  • Kiran Graphics System

    Kiran Graphics System is New Delhi, India based complete offset printing press and packaging solution organisation. Kiran Graphics is known for our outstanding, high quality efficient offset printing services and printing solutions in India. We offer a complete range of printing and packaging services right from designing to post press, include Printing, Cutting, Binding, Lamination, Corrugation, Die Cutting, Pasting and delivery. We are expert and specialized in a range of multi-colour jobs for the Pharmaceutical, Medical and Ayurvedic companies printed on high-end sheet-fed printing press technology. We provide our customers a wide range of products such as pharmaceutical boxes, printing of labels, corrugated boxes, stickers, multi-coloured packing boxes, cartons and duplex boxes.
  • Heidelberg Offset

  • Postpress - Lemination